Thursday, March 29, 2007

Watch your back

I was assigned to watch my back. That's it just watch my back. Hmmm, how am I going to sit there and consciously watch my back at all times? Watching your back is something you do with out even knowing your doing it. It's a protection reflex that I would assume we all learned through out the years. With this assignment I decided to go a different route, instead of watching my back all week I came up with a new accessory to watch your back. I took the concept of the rear view mirror. A rear view mirror is used to watch behind you while driving, but what can you used to look behind you while walking? That is my invention, the rear view mirror for purses and book bags. The thought is to attach a mirror to the shoulder strap of a bag. The mirror should sit sightly forward so the person is able to look into it with out leaning their head too far back. The mirrors come with optional light which would be hooked up to a battery inside the bag. Each mirror should be customized to match each bag it goes of. For instance if a girl is wearing a blue Coach purse, the rear view mirror should be blue, and if Coach would put their name on the accessory then it should have the coach logo as well.

The purpose of this invention is to protect yourself. While walking on the streets a person never knows when they are going to be approached. With this invention you'll know what someone is approaching you from the front and from the behind.

Picture soon to come!


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