Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shut up and Dance!

I know this is not an assignment but the other day I decided to wander around the city after class on a beautiful day. As I walked down Walnut Street I just took in all the sights, with no time restrictions, it was nice. I came across a venue with this sign above it and I immediately grabbed for my camera to take a picture. I am not now, nor have I ever been a dancer, or even into dancing. So what is the purpose for my blog name, and what done this saying mean? Well to me this saying is a huge part of my life. I originally got it off of my favorite television show, That 70's Show. In an early episode the "gang" goes to a night club and the main character Eric can't get in until the end of the night when he finally convinces the bouncer. After they get home from the night club, Eric and Donna have some tension between each other, but that all goes away as soon as she says "Shut up and Dance!" Ever since I saw this episode I have used the saying in my own life to break any tension I maybe encountering with somebody. To me the saying is a way to look at life, whenever life gets too out of control, don't complain about it, just Shut up and Dance, and problem you had will go away for at least that minute.

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