Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Locative media + situationalism

The one topic I feel has stuck to me the most out of this class is the idea of situationalism. To be put in a situation and be able to mold and bend to anything that situation might bring is an amazing concept. If more people would be able roll along to the little bumps life throws along the way maybe more things in life could be better accepted.

Rhizome is taking the concept of locative media and mixing it with art. This online art museum is a new way to interact through art.

For our bus tour I was thinking about choosing the art museum as my place to stop. The art museum has played a huge roll in my life throughout the years. It one place I can go to just clear my head. From a young age I would have the chance to go there for school trips. Growing up in Philadelphia the schools would take there kids there each year. The first year I moved to New Jersey they decided to take their first school trip to the art museum. At one point my group got separated from the others and got lost. Another girl in the class was also a new student who moved from Philadelphia, the two of us saved the day but leading the rest of the group back to the front on the building where the rest of our class was. That day, me and the other girl became quick friends and continued to be best of friends for years after that.

One of my best friends just moved away, but our thing to do together was go to the art museum. We would sit there for hours discussing each piece until we couldn't think anymore. It was one of the best times in my life. He recently moved to Atlanta and has told me about how awesome their art museum is. We decided we're going to send each other pictures of pieces that interest us and talk about it through e-mail since we can't see each other everyday anymore. By doing this we are saving out friendship, and a piece of it that means so much to both of us.

With this website it lets any person sit there and have their own art museum at home. With an interactive account of the different pieces each person can interpret and compare interpretations and not even be in the same room. Art brought me close to so many people, this website could do that for others.

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