Thursday, February 15, 2007


Our homework for the week was to wander, and to document it. But how do you wonder and document it. When I wonder I get caught up in something mainly a blank mind, or the opposite, too much on my mind. In the process of wandering I loose to knowledge of the known world and I am strictly in my own world. I would say this week I have experienced two different types of wandering. One was when I went to the car show. I would get lost from my group of friends everything time they turned around. I got so into the awesome cars, and wanted to look at them at my own speed and see the ones I wanted to see without a while group conducting my every actions. As I would wonder around the convention center I thought mainly of three different things, the cars, my life, and where in the world my friends could be after not seeing them for an hour or so.

Another time I had sort of wandered was this weekend, my friend convinced me to go to Maryland with her for the night to visit her old school. The three hour drive there and back were full of many moments of mentally and physically wandering. Physically because thought I was in the car with someone who knew where they were going, I did not. And though I did have a destination, it was uncertain to me exactly where that was. While driving my mind wandered through the scenery. How beautiful the land look as the sun was rising. How the morning sun glistened over the newly frozen river. As we would pass the street signs I wondered who would come up with some of the names for the streets.

I know I was supposed to document these moments, I just don't tend to take pictures when I do wander. I thought it was out of the wandering characteristic.

Something New, Helping people

In class I had talked about how I held many people throughout the week. but I forgot that I had tried something new. I barely eat fast food, and never in my life have I ate Arbys. A new Arbys just moved into my area, and my friend was excited to go, so I went with him, trying Arbys for my first time ever. Though I did not get there famous roast beef, because I don't eat roast beef, I got there new load potato bites, which were delicious. So that was my new experience for the week

Out of Order

I choose to title this blog Out of Order for a couple different reasons. My first reason is because it came to my head as I was posting these pictures to this page. They posted in an order I wish they hadn't and I don't know how to fix it. So just so you know these pictures go from dirty to clean... I think you'll be able to tell the difference. Another reason this blog is entitled Out of Order is because it made me rearrange my whole life. It is out of the order of my normal life, or of my life before the switch, and like any change things are going to continue to be out of order until they just become life.

Now on to the rearranging of my room. I was actually extremely excited to get this assignment because I had planned to clean and move my furniture around in up coming weeks. This just pushed up my dead line for it to be done. I am a pig, I know it is awful to talk that way about myself but its the truth, I am messy. I have tried to change many times, but its just who I am. I throw clothes on the floor when my clothes basket is empty right next to the area I threw my clothes. In both my room and my car you can find about a billion water and Snapple bottles. Every night before I go to bed I grab a bottle and leave it next to my bed stand. I know, I know, it's gross I hear it every day from my mother.

I recently have been getting sick often and obtained a relentless cough, my mother blamed it on my dirty room. So it was time to prove her wrong as well, that my cough was a result of the weather and not my room.

The first part was deciding where to start. I started with my breu, I cleaned off the out side move it to where my bed used to be. I took my bed completely out the the room. Before moving the breu to its final destination I positioned it in the middle of the room so I would be able to thoroughly vacuum the area that used to be under both pieces of furniture. Next I completely took out my stereo out of my room. Due to Ipod and Ipod speakers and all the lately technology, I decided it took up too much room. I also took my entertainment set out of my room. It was huge and took up an entire small wall. Though I stored many things in it, it was just time to get it out of my life.

The thing with my furniture is its old. Most of it has been around before I was born. The other stuff is at least 15 years old. That is another reason I titled this blog Out of Order. Most of the furniture that takes up my room is almost out of order, and the things I took out, officially are.

Once I moved the entertainment center out I also moved my desk to the wall where my breu once sat. My bed came out of the hall way and along the wall where my desk used to be. I put my bed in the corner by windows to give it a day bed kind of feel. My television whose home was once the entertainment center, now sits on top of the small table the stereo once sat.

Now that everything has been moved around or removed, I love it! It is a nice change. So far I have yet to make a mess of it, tho it is inevitable to happen. I still have my cough, just not as much. I think I am going to stay this way for the next couple months at least.

Hopefully, the next change of my room will because I have gotta new furniture, or because I'm moving out. Then everything in my room will be out of order, at least to me.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


These words have their own difinition seperate from each other, then their own meaning in a sentance together. They have a difintion from a dictionary, and a difinition from each persons experiance of each word. In my own words....

Deconstruct- Is to break down

The-Is everything, and anything

City- A place where people live, work, visit. Different from a town. A city is fast paced, with endless oppertunities.

Space- An area

These maybe simple definitions, but to deconstruct the city space is to break down everything in a faced paced area.
When first assigned to make a pop-up map half of my neighborhood, and the other half of a labyrinth of my neighborhood, I cringed. One, "how am I going to make a pop-up?" I repeatedly asked myself. Also, this is crazy I have to find time in my busy schedule to see a movie then spend time creating this map/maze! In the end I realized school comes first, so suck it up and do what I gotta do. It took me forever to figure out how and what I wanted to do with this project. One night I had a dream and woke up thinking about flowers ( as weird as that sounds) and decided to go with the idea of flowers. With out a clue how to build a pop-up map I headed over to Barnes and Noble to find a map I would be able to study, but I found none. So I headed over to the children's section and looked at every pop-up book on their self. AC Moore was my next stop to pick up my supplies and hoped to find a pop-up kit, but I didn't. So I grabbed what I could think of off the top of my head, went home and blindly got started. My neighbor hood was a couple streets out of my neighborhood, with houses popping up. The other side is a mirrored map of my neighborhood with flowers popping up out of the map. In the middle in a pop-up of me point to each side.
For an assignment we were asked to "map" out our weeks on a blank T-shirt. I decided to go more literal and map it out in an informal calender style. While looking for inspiration in which

direction I wanted to go, I came across day of the week magnets. After shopping for a few other things I decided to make a final plan. With help from my puffy paint master, aka my friend Molly, we constructed my week on the T-shirt. Most of the shirt is taken up by work and school, the other stuff on the shirt is major events that took place throughout my week. This week luckily was a busy week for me, cause normally it would have been nothing but school and work.