Thursday, February 15, 2007


Our homework for the week was to wander, and to document it. But how do you wonder and document it. When I wonder I get caught up in something mainly a blank mind, or the opposite, too much on my mind. In the process of wandering I loose to knowledge of the known world and I am strictly in my own world. I would say this week I have experienced two different types of wandering. One was when I went to the car show. I would get lost from my group of friends everything time they turned around. I got so into the awesome cars, and wanted to look at them at my own speed and see the ones I wanted to see without a while group conducting my every actions. As I would wonder around the convention center I thought mainly of three different things, the cars, my life, and where in the world my friends could be after not seeing them for an hour or so.

Another time I had sort of wandered was this weekend, my friend convinced me to go to Maryland with her for the night to visit her old school. The three hour drive there and back were full of many moments of mentally and physically wandering. Physically because thought I was in the car with someone who knew where they were going, I did not. And though I did have a destination, it was uncertain to me exactly where that was. While driving my mind wandered through the scenery. How beautiful the land look as the sun was rising. How the morning sun glistened over the newly frozen river. As we would pass the street signs I wondered who would come up with some of the names for the streets.

I know I was supposed to document these moments, I just don't tend to take pictures when I do wander. I thought it was out of the wandering characteristic.

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